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Why should I register?

Registration is the process of providing your Group's meeting information to the DRA National Directory. It consists of filling out a registration form online or mailing your Group's meeting information to, Dual Recovery Anonymous, World Service Central Office, P.O. Box 8107, Prairie Village, Kansas, 66208. The information requested is:

  • DRA Group name
  • Day and time of meeting
  • Location name, address, and city and any special directions
  • Is it an Open or Closed meeting
  • Special focus, e.g., Step Study, Open Sharing
  • Features, e.g., Non-smoking, Child Care, Handicapped Access
  • Contact person's name, address, and telephone number
  • Whether it is ok to release the contact persons name and last initial
  • E-mail address if you want that included
  • Whether that phone number may be released to other DRA members
  • Alternate meeting contact person, address, and telephone number
  • A permanent group mailing address

Member's names will appear as first name and last initial such as Tim H.
Group mailing addresses are kept strictly confidential. This is the only practical way for the DRA World Service Office to contact all of our Groups.

Who May Register?

Any independent 12-Step Fellowship Group of Dual Recovery Anonymous that:

  • Is based in the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Dual Recovery Anonymous
  • Is guided by the Twelve Traditions of Dual Recovery Anonymous
  • Has no other affiliation in terms of endorsement or influence
  • The Group provides meetings that are chaired and run by DRA members
  • The Group's meeting can be attended by any DRA members


DRA EDUCATION SESSIONS: An institution or Service Provider may decide to have members of their staff conduct dual recovery support sessions. The staff may use the DRA Meeting Format and facilitate discussions about the Steps. Those particular activities would be referred to as "DRA Educational Sessions" or In-House Dual Recovery Support Sessions. Sessions of that nature are a part of the institution’s treatment program or services and are clearly not the same as DRA 12-Step Fellowship Meetings and may not be registered or advertised as such.

Why Register?

Registration places your Group's 12-Step meetings in the DRA International Directory. The DRA Directory appears on our Website, and is used by the World Service Office, Our Network For Unity and Service, and the Directory helps people in need find DRA Groups and meetings.

Registration allows you to receive possible future information from the World Service Central Office to share with your group members. To receive mailings you MUST include an actual mailing address in the comments field or with the information that you send to the World Service Central Office.

Registration confirms that your Group and its meetings are a part of our Dual Recovery Anonymous Fellowship, based on the DRA Twelve Steps, DRA Preamble, and Twelve Traditions. By following the Twelve Steps and the Twelve Traditions of Dual Recovery Anonymous, the newcomer can be assured that the meeting is a safe and welcoming place to seek support:

  • Based on the common experiences, goals and principles of other members of DRA.
  • Provides a setting of emotional acceptance, support and empowerment (E.A.S.E.).

Registration is a great way for your group to help carry the message of recovery to men and women who experience a dual disorder, as stated in the first of our Twelve Traditions.

How Long is Registration Valid?

It is suggested that your Group secretary update and confirm each Group's meeting  registrations yearly. This helps The World Service Office maintain the most accurate listing of DRA meetings possible.

If a DRA Group has not filed current meeting information, or it cannot be confirmed by telephone or mail, the meeting may be considered to be dissolved and can eventually be dropped from our meeting directory.

DRA Fellowship Group Meeting Registration Form

What are Group Service Numbers? 


Dual Recovery Anonymous
World Network Central Office
P.O. Box 8107, Prairie Village, Kansas, 66208
Toll Free 1-877-883-2332

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What are Group Service Numbers? 

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