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Our crest reflects the four cornerstones of  Dual Recovery Anonymous. They are the cornerstones of our dual recovery. 

The Center, or heart of the crest represents the innermost part of each of us that has always been perfect - and knows peace and serenity.

  • Vision and Hope - for both personal dual recovery and our growing fellowship to carry our message.
  • Twelve Steps - our plan for dual recovery, reflecting the principles of the Twelve Steps, the experience of others in dual recovery and personal freedom and choice.
  • Meetings and Fellowship - Providing an opportunity to share our recovery from both illnesses in a setting of Emotional Acceptance, Support, and Empowerment (EASE) from within our fellowship.
  • Unity and Service - reminding us that we share an equal partnership in DRA - our personal dual recovery and participation contributes to the recovery of others and to the fellowship as a whole; including sponsorship and the friendships we form in our dual recovery.

The outward 'circles or  arms' of DRA on each side, reflect our recovery from each illness - physical, psychological, social and spiritual. The arms of DRA are encircling and warmly embracing those of us who have joined together in dual recovery.

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