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Regularly attending DRA and other support meetings adds structure to our lives. Meetings are a new social group from whom to draw hope and with whom to talk and get suggestions for recovery. Attending meetings helps with feelings of loneliness and isolation. We connect with other people who understand what we are going through--people who accept us just as we are. They understand us because many of them have gone through similar experiences and feelings.

Meetings are the best way to share our experience, strength, and hope. We also hear and share a little of what our lives were like before recovery. In part so the newcomer may relate better to us, but also so we don't lose sight of the difficulties and pain that chemical dependency once caused in our lives.

Meetings are a source of believable hope. We can hear how other recovering people stay clean and sober and how they deal with difficult issues in recovery. Meetings give us a safe place to voice our concerns and feelings about recovery. We can ask and listen for advice on how other people have endured their cravings without drinking or using again. We can constructively fill those voids of time that we once spent with our drinking and drugging friends. Meeting are the best place to develop a supportive network of recovering friends. 

Experience has shown that quality, long-term recovery improves through working the program along with others. By ourselves we may become complacent or slip into denial. Being part of the fellowship of Dual Recovery Anonymous helps up stay on course. It acts as a sounding board to help us recognize our successes and cope with our challenges in recovery.

How often should D.R.A. members attend meetings?

It is simply a matter of individual preference and need. There are no set rules or requirements. Most D.R.A. members arrange to attend at least one meeting a week. Some attend Twelve Step and aftercare meetings daily. Most newcomers seem to benefit from a relatively large number of meetings and other recovery contacts during their first weeks and months in recovery. By multiplying their opportunities to meet and hear other D.R.A. members, they are able to strengthen their own understanding of the program.

The slogan "Keep coming back, it works!" so frequently repeated at meetings, is based on the experience of recovering people who find that the quality of their recovery suffers when they stay away from meetings for too long. Many find that if they do not attend meetings often enough, they greatly increase their risk of a lapse or flare-up. They have found that when they regularly attend meetings, they seem to have a much easier time staying away from drugs and alcohol and in managing their symptoms in healthy and constructive ways.

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A few common tools that sustain recovery and help in times of crisis are:
Journaling our progress in recovery
Meetings, attending DRA and other 12 Step support meetings
The telephone, reaching out
Prayer and meditation  seeking guidance

Reading recovery books and literature

A plan of action, a written list of things to do when sudden cravings strike or symptoms increase
  Additional forms and lists that can help us to build a personal relapse prevention plan
Relaxation techniques
Service work, helping others
The Steps, the basis of our recovery
Talking to sponsors, caring advisors, and recovering friends
Recovery slogans
First Things First  
This Too Shall Pass  
One Day At A Time  
Easy Does It  
Keep It Simple  
Live And Let Live  
The Serenity Prayer
Today I will do one thing
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